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Best Bay Area Business -

Laser Vision Correction Surgeon
Dr. Leonard Newman

Sacramento & Co. - Newman Lasik Centers

Wavefront lasik with Fox 40 sports anchor Jim Crandell

Kofy's Healthy Living


"I love ridding my Harley with out glasses, what a great freedom! I just hop on my bike and go, no glasses or contact lens hassles! I would recommend this procedure to anybody who rides motorcycles. Dr. Newman was great and is truly a lasik specialist thats all he does and he owns his own lasers. Newman Lasik Centers is the best!" 

Arthur Woodhall 8/11/09

"I am completely, ultimately and thoroughly satisfied! This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, I should have done it sooner! I can see better than I ever saw before. Dr. Newman is the best, super nice and thorough. I would recommend Newman Lasik Centers to everybody, they are the best." 

Araceli Castillo 4/14/09

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