untreated keratoconus  typically progresses and creates blurry vision

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Corneal cross-linking is a breakthrough procedure which strengthens corneal tissue and often improves vision. Many patients also feel their glasses and contacts work better afterward. Keratoconus is a common reason patients are non-candidates for lasik.


Dr. Newman became interested in keratoconus as our clinic sees many patients with this disease. During Dr. Newman’s residency and fellowship at Yale, he frequently performed corneal transplants on keratoconus patients. He recently participated as a clinical investigator in the ACOS study, which was the largest study in the world looking at the effectiveness of corneal cross-linking in keratoconus. This pivotal study helped earn corneal cross-linking approval for use in the United States.



Cross-linking has significantly reduced the number of patients requiring transplant. We offer corneal cross-linking, which is a painless procedure, in our offices. This vision saving technology is often covered by insurance. Our expert counselors can help you with the process.


Dr. Newman was part of the ACOS study which helps Crosslinking gain FDA approval.  This was the largest Crosslinking study in the world.

Extreme cases of keratoconus result in a pertruding cornea

Keratoconic cornea before (L) and after crosslinking (R)- note the more regular central corneal shape which typically improves contact lens fit and helps glasses work better.

Cross-Linking for Progressive Keratoconus

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