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Insurance Options for Corrective Eye Surgery

First the bad news. Very few insurance programs cover Laser vision correction. However, we will help you find out if you have benifits.


Newman LASIK Centers has partnered with PASSPORT LIFESTYLES to make laser vision correction more available and affordable to the employees and dependents of Intel, Genentech, and Oracle Corporations.

To qualify for a substantial discount on all forms of laser vision correction including industry-leading custom wavefront technology candidates must provide proof of current employment during the complementary vision evaluation.

To take advantage of this money-saving offer follow these three easy steps:

1: Call our call center to schedule a complementary vision evaluation at either of our Northern California Vision Centers to see if you are a candidate for these exciting technologies and have all of your questions answered.

2: Bring a current company I.D. badge or photocopy of it.

3: If you would like to watch a live procedure and talk to our patients, plan on visiting one of our centers on a Thursday or Friday. We also do surgery in the evening on Mondays and Tuesdays for patient convenience. 

Prospective patients should remember that as a LASIK specialty center, LASIK is all we do. Trust the experience of over 50,000 procedures and see for yourself why Newman LASIK Centers of Northern California has been one of the top choices of sports professionals, teachers, firefighters, police officers and health care professionals!

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