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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. As an LASIK specialty center, our role is to bring together the three elements of laser vision correction to give you the best chance of achieving better than 20/20 vision.  The key elements include the pre-operative evaluation, the technology used for your lasik procedure and most importantly, the surgeon's skill and personal experience. 

About Our Sacramento, Daly City, and San Francisco Bay Area Practice

At Newman LASIK Center in Sacramento, Daly City, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, LASIK surgeon Leonard Newman, MD, is an expert in laser vision correction. We provide a range of services and procedures so you receive customized treatment for your vision disorder. Offering the latest technology at our Sacramento, Daly City, and San Francisco Bay area facilities, including CustomVue™ Wavefront™ LASIK, Dr. Newman combines his experience and state-of-the-art LASIK technology with patient comfort for successful laser vision correction results. Our expert experience with advanced technologies including topography-guided, wavefront-guided and “all laser” LASIK will provide you your best vision.  Learn about all of today's vision correction technologies including SMILE, ICL, CLE, etc. to see what is the best option for your condition.   Dr. Newman has dedicated his 20-year career exclusively to laser vision correction and has an outstanding reputation in the community.


LASIK Experience


Sacramento LASIK surgeon Leonard Newman, MD, is a skilled laser vision correction specialist who has dedicated his career to improving the vision of his patients and is experienced and certified on the most frequently used FDA approved lasers in the U.S. including the Ziemer femto LDV  femtosecond laser. As a leader in the LASIK field, Dr. Newman has performed more than 80,000 vision correction procedures and has been instrumental in the development of the VISX Wavescan™ system. His extensive training in the latest techniques and technologies in laser eye surgery has led many Sacramento, Daly City, and San Francisco Bay area patients to put their confidence in Newman LASIK Center. Contact us for a corrective eye surgery consultation today.




CustomVue™ Wavefront™ Technology


At Newman LASIK Center we employ the most accurate and trusted advances in LASIK technology at our office in Sacramento, Daly City, or San Francisco Bay area. CustomVue™ Wavefront™ LASIK provides patients with the most accurate measure of eye imperfections. Aberrations unique to the individual’s eye can be corrected with this innovative system, allowing for more customized and successful LASIK results.

LASIK Comfort

The dedicated staff at Newman LASIK Center is committed to providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to patients during the LASIK procedure at our Sacramento, Daly City. and San Francisco Bay area facilities. LASIK surgeon Leonard Newman, MD, will listen to your LASIK questions and concerns and ensure that we choose the right vision correction procedure for you. To learn more about the various technologies offered at our practice in Sacramento, Daly City, and in the San Francisco Bay area: Wavefront™ LASIKVISX and more, contact us today.

Your Pre-Operative Vision Evaluation


The Orbscan gives a 3-dimensional view of the cornea to highlight astigmatism and possible abnormalities.

Your pre-operative vision evaluation at Newman Lasik Centers is likely to be the most thourough eye exam you've had.  After all, we want to know everything about your vision to maximize the safety and result of your laser vision correction.  This is accomplished using multiple technologies including Bausch and Lomb Orb scan corneal analysis system.  This device creates a 3-dimentional view of the tissue treated with the laser.  The instrument acquires over 9000 datapoints relating to the archetecture of the cornea and allows the surgeon to taylor a treatment specifically for each eye based on its thickness, curvature and overall dimentions.



All patients undergoing laser vision correction with Dr. Newman will have a complete ocular evaluation including a cycloplegic refraction and dilated pupil exam.  These are two important elements of the critical first step in evaluating your visual pathway.  The only way to truely assess your ocular health and determine if your eye is healthy enough to support laser vision correction is to visualize the retina (inner surface of the eye) through a dilated pupil.  During this portion of the exam your prescription is re-measured to minimize any chance of over-correction.  This allows a surgeon to accurately gauge levels of astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and presbyopia.   

Fourier Based Wavefront Measurement


During the past few years, new and more refined techniques in laser vision correction have increased the safety and precision of the procedure. Wavefront technology allows surgeons to measure a person's refractive errror or prescription with increased accuracy which can be especially important for low light vision.  To date, most experts would agree the most precise measurement of prescription is acquired with a Fourier based wavefront algorithm.  All of Dr. Newman's patients are evaluated with this technology.  This added detail about a person's individual refractive error is used to create a laser ablation profile which is unique to that particular eye which Dr. Newman uses to reshape the corneal curvature.  True wavefront measurements are 25 times more precise than the measurements typically used to prescribe glasses or contacts.This technology can be especially helpful in patients who have problems with night vision.

True Wavefront Technology


True wavefront technology is not to be confused with "wavefront optimized" technology which does not directly measure a person's individual wavefront error.  It instead relies on a treatment algorithm which blends the peripheral untreated cornea with the treated central cornea, and applies the same treatment to all patients.  The simple difference between this technology and true wavefront measurement based technology is that the latter accurately measures an individual's higher order aberrations and creates the MOST detailed ablation profile possible for that particular eye.  In general, the more detail you have about a person's prescription, the more accurate the correction will be leading to an increased probability of achieving the best vision possible.  This can be especially helpful when trying to maximize night vision.

True Wavefront Technology


Lastly, and most importantly, we tailor the results to your individual needs.  Our experience in identifying and targeting your visual potential with your visual requirements are designed to get you the most visual freedom with your customized lasik procedure.  We realize vision is very personal and provide a one on one environment with the surgeon.  With a 20 year career dedicated exclusively to laser vision correction and the personal experience of over 80,000 procedures, rest assured Dr. Newman has seen your individual prescription many times in the past.   Couple this with vision technology that measures your vision 25 times more precisely than the exams you've had in the past for your glasses or contacts and you've got the foundation for the best results possible.  In fact,  FDA clinical trials of the Visx Customview laser system showed 98% of patients could see 20/20 or better and 100% could see 20/40 one year after their procedure, and four times as many participants reported improvement in their night vision compaired to glasses or contacts.

Expert experience with over 80,000 procedures performed


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