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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What if I wasn't a candidate in the past?

Today's modern technologies including Thin Flap Lasik, Advanced Surface Ablation and Custom Wavefront™ technology have made Lasik vision correction a safe choice for more patients than ever before.

Who is a good candidate for LASIK?


In general, what your glasses or contacts do for your vision is what you can achieve with Lasik. Your eyes and vision will be evaluated for the most advanced technology available today, and Newman Lasik Centers is proud to offer the largest FDA approved range of CUSTOM WAVEFRONT technology in the U.S. Call for a complementary vision evaluation and have all of your questions about laser vision corrections answered by one of our experienced staff members.

My prescription is very low and I only wear glasses at night, am I still a candidate?

This is a very common question. In a word, yes. Assuming you pass the strict screening criteria for laser vision correction candidacy, correcting these small astigmatisms can make a world of difference in your vision particularly at night.

What types of vision disorders can LASIK eye surgery correct?

Laser vision correction can correct most vision disorders including astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness Our multiple laser platforms and Dr. Newman's personal experience of over 70,000 procedures allows us to customize a correction for your needs. Patients in their 40's can have a "monovision" demonstration to see if is right for them.


How do I maximize the safety of my procedure?

Experts agree the single most important component of laser vision correction is the surgeon's personal experience. Other factors include the technologies used for the correction and the evaluation. Dr. Newman has trained other physicians on both critical portions of the procedure including the flap making device (microkeratome) and laser. He is a Yale fellowship trained cornea specialist with extensive experience in all aspects of corneal surgery.

How long does the LASIK procedure take?

Approximately five minutes per eye.


Is LASIK eye surgery painful?

No. Eyedrops are all that is necessary for complete numbness during this quick procedure. After the procedure the eyes may have a "scratchy contact lens" feeling for a couple of hours and the vast majority of patients return to work the next day. Remember, we do need to see you the next morning for a brief check.

Are there any side effects of LASIK surgery?

The most common side effect of Lasik is a mild increase in dryness which can last for a few months after the procedure. All patients are evaluated for this risk. Studies have shown that thin flap lasik with a "nasal hinge" can minimize the duration and intensity of the dryness. Newman Lasik Centers is proud to provide this technology for all of its patients.

The other most common side effect of Lasik is an increase in halos around lights at night. These symptoms typically decrease to an individuals' pre surgical amount over the course of a few weeks and generally are even less with today's advanced wavefront technologies and the ability to treat large optical zones. With multiple laser platforms and a decade of experience,  Dr. Newman can evaluate your risk and help you decide which treatment is best for you.

How long does improved vision take?

Most patients notice improved vision immediately following laser vision correction and the vast majority of patients return to work the next day. For some individuals, full vision improvement may take a couple of days.

Which LASIK treatment is best?

There isn't one LASIK treatment that is best for everyone. Each patient interested in undergoing LASIK eye surgery should be evaluated by a knowledgeable surgeon that can determine which form of laser vision correction will work best with the visual impairments unique to their eyes. Remember, the goal of our surgeon owned and operated centers is maximum outcome with maximum safety.

How much experience does Dr. Leonard Newman have with LASIK eye surgery?

Dr. Leonard Newman is a leading LASIK surgeon in Northern California, helping to develop the most cutting edge technology the laser vision correction field has to offer. He has performed more than 80,000 vision correction procedures and is qualified to serve the LASIK eye surgery needs of Sacramento and beyond. To learn more, contact us about corrective eye surgery today.

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