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A simplified view of LASIK/PRK technology

General surgical concept: reshape corneal curvature to correct vision. Corneas have varying "power" from center to the periphery (white of the eye) and from side to side.

These "power" measurements guide the laser to reshape the corneal curvature.

Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions "average" the power across the cornea and are used for "traditional" and "wavefront optimized" treatments

In contrast, True Custom Wavefront treatments are based on actual measurements taken at over 250 points across each individual cornea. The different zones of the cornea are treated based on their actual "power" as opposed to averaging the power across the eye.

In general, the more detail used to treat an eye, the better the quality of the vision after surgery, particularly at night.

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Traditional LASIK treatments are driven by simple average measurements of astigmatism and nearsightedness or far sightedness. People with the same prescription receive the exact same treatment. This method represents a proven early LASIK technology that is still used today in specific applications and can provide excellent results. 


"Wavefront Optimized" treatments are also simply based on eye glass prescriptions. They do not require advanced evaluations of the eye's optical system provided by Wavefront Technology as they are based on the "average" power across the cornea, depicted above in red. "Optimized" treatments blend the treated central cornea into the untreated peripheral cornea nicely, simply by increasing laser energy. All patients receive the same treatment, regardless of prescription.

Lasers that deliver "optimized treatments" include, the Allegretto Wavelight.


True Custom Wavefront treatments are as specific to an individual eye as a fingerprint is to a person. The laser treatment is guided to specific locations across the cornea by over 250 measured individual points. This advanced evaluation/ treatment of a person's optical system can only be accomplished with a Wavefront Aberrometer. The added detail pertaining specifically to each individual eye is generally the most likely to provide the best quality vision, particularly in low light settings, such as night time driving.

Lasers that deliver True Custom Wavefront treatments include the VISX Star S4

WavefrontT Technology - Newman LASIK Centers in Sacramento, Daly City, and the San Francisco bay area

WavefrontT LASIK technology in Sacramento, Day City, and the San Francisco Bay Area with Dr. Leonard Newman is the most advanced form of laser vision correction available today. If you are interested in wavefront custom Lasik take confidence in knowing we offer the LARGEST FDA approved range of Custom treatments available in the United States. Dr. Newman is one of the most experienced lasik surgeons on the West Coast with this technology and has served as a principle investigator to the laser manufacturer to allow it to gain FDA approval. The majority of our patients undergo customized wavefront treatments as this technology is the most precise way to correct visual imperfections of the eye.

Used to correct refractive errors, millions of people have undergone LASIK in the United States, allowing them to see the world in a whole new way. Wavefront™ LASIK is an advanced technology customized to your eye so visual imperfections can be improved.

Wavefront™ LASIK allows for accurate tracking and mapping of the eye. The Wavefront™ sensor measures aberrations unique to each patient's eyes. The LASIK technology then produces an accurate three-dimensional map that illustrates imperfections in the visual system. The data is transferred to the laser, which Dr. Newman uses to reshape your cornea. Wavefront™ LASIK technology in Sacramento at Newman LASIK Center is a superior method of vision correction because it can fix lower and higher-order aberrations in the eye such as halos and glare. These vision impairments can only be detected and improved with Wavefront™ LASIK technology.

The advantages of utilizing the innovative Wavefront™ LASIK technology at our offices are numerous. The system allows us to address the specific visual impairment of each patient. It has a higher success rate and can correct more visual disorders than traditional LASIK and other vision correction procedures.  With expert knowledge and experience regarding all of today's vision correction techniques including SMILE, ICL, CLE, etc., visit one of our centers to find out if you are a candidate for Wavefront™ LASIK technology. Contact Newman LASIK Center today.

Wavefront LASIK creates a highly individualized laser correction of your eye's surface, guided by precise analysis of vision errors that occur as light rays travel through your eye.​

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